Well, the sun is starting to fade ever so slightly as we now enter into a new season, the final quarter of the year and another month of the ‘New normal’…. But what will this month bring for The Church and all its disciples??

Another period of restriction on live music and large ‘social gatherings’ means that while one weapon of The Churches armoury might have been blunted, we WILL REMAIN POSITIVE and take the chance to sharpen the other tools at our disposal.

Lovely boozy holidaymakers have been at a premium this year, but. Thankfully we have our ever loyal locals who have shown unwavering support to The Church AND all the other local bars and businesses for that matter during a very difficult and confusing time. When the chips are down, that is when we really see what a community is made of and Albir and its surrounding towns and villages have still managed to blossom a little bit, if not entirely flourish.

Talking of chips – It is ‘Fishy Friday’ as we write this and The Church kitchen has been positively buzzing over the past 6 months – The ‘Fishy Friday’ has been so well received that we are now going to dedicate another day of the week (Mondays) to the CHIP SHOP menu which is so loved by us ex-pats –  The ‘Batter platter’ will be debuting on the menu very soon – A heart attack inducing sharing plate stacked full of Battered sausages, cod bites, homemade onion rings, hand-cut chips and maybe a few other little treats – If you can batter it … It’s in!!!!

So no music gracing our stage but in its absence, we continue to open our minds and doors to lots of special evenings, teams and clubs, such as the ‘Slimming Spain’ group –  ‘pop up’ events and new experiences in general. We enjoyed a fantastic evening of fine dining when the Benissa based ‘Vegan supper Club’ brought their own unique take on ‘Fish and chips’ to our pulpit. We continue to love working with Jodi and the local animal charity and already have a re-run of a Mexican themed fundraising evening in the diary. Also, we have a great benefit evening planned to raise money for MABS cancer charity –  A more noble cause you will struggle to find, and this being a very sad illness that has touched 99.9% of us at some point or another.

In the midst of this ‘anus horribillis’ we have taken great pleasure and pride in taking the chance to try to give something back where we can to a community that supports us so much – After a couple of great collections over the last couple of weeks, The Church is now a recognised ‘drop off’ point for the Alfaz food bank, which is such an important crutch for people to lean on at the moment. For the month of October (and maybe beyond…) we are now offering anyone who is currently on ERTE payments a hefty 25% off all of our food and drinks menu on Monday to Wednesday. 2 for 1 special, kiddies eating free, loads and loads of discounts and promos are all there to be taken advantage of – We cannot fix the whole ‘situation’ sadly but hopefully if we can fill some bellies, lubricate some throats, provide a clean and safe environment for people to meet and create a few laughs and smiles it might just make the day a little easier to handle.

If anybody would like to host an event, collaborate on a charity evening or just have a bloody good knees up then we are all ears and open to anything that will keep the positivity flowing in our community.

The ‘New normal’ but the same old Church!!!

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