We might not quite be in the heart of the party madness of Benidorm, but we still aim to provide a twist on the level of excitement and entertainment that our big sister resort serves up, just with a slightly different vibe.

Next week sees the start of ‘Benidorm fiestas’ Our Spanish ‘amigos’’ start their celebrations on the 11th of November and they run through to the 14th – At which time us ‘foreigners’ start ours version of the celebrations.

Next Thursday the 15th of November sees the world famous Benidorm fancy dress party – THE BIGGEST FANCY DRESS PARTY IN EUROPE!! It’s gonna’ be a spectacular event and surely one not to be missed.

We love the fiestas and will not be missing out, we have arranged a ‘pre fancy dress party ‘at The Church on Tuesday the 13th – We are inviting all our fiesta friends past, present and future. This is the perfect way to kick off your celebrations in true Irish style and prep your minds and bodies for the ensuing madness in the days ahead – As always we will have some amazing live music, a great drinks menu and lots of other surprises up our sleeves to help catapult you guys head first into the party spirit.

Fancy dress day is one of the highlights of the Benidorm calendar and you had better be prepared for your senses to take a complete battering – Spectacular costumes of the like that you rarely see are in abundance. Some of the imagination and effort that goes into these outfit is remarkable and preparations for ‘next year’s costume’ usually start the day after the event finishes the previous year.

It truly is a sight for sore eyes and if you aren’t dressed up you will stand out like a drunk nun at an Irish bar.

There is a huge ‘family’ of ‘Benidormers’ that make the journey every year especially for this event, they come together from all across the UK once a year to renew old fiesta friendship and make new memories.

The tradition started over 20 years ago when Manolo from Sinatras Bar used to offer a free drink to anyone who dressed up, of course now numbers have grown so much that this is just not possible. Last year’s estimates put the figure at around 30,000 revellers but each year the party just gets bigger and better. Most of the action is around the bars in the Calle Gerona & British square area of Benidorm with a parade which generally starts at Morgan Tavern around 3pm.

Make sure to pop into The Church for a couple of cockle warmers on Thursday before you plunge yourself into the party abyss and more than anything make sure you enjoy!!

Wishing you all a very happy fiesta week from everyone at The Church.

The Church Event

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