The Church Albir Christmas

Church Christmas by Tafty- (Don’t be offended its only a bit of fun) Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat .. and so are many of the rest of us after spending a lovely long hot summer slurping on sugary cocktails, tasty tapas and ice creams galore … But now is NOT the […]

Can’t stay then take it away….. It is a well known fact that us ex-pats love a takeaway and as work cultures and the way of life changes and evolves it seems like takeaways are now more popular than ever. To set its footprint in the rapidly expanding industry The Church Scullery is now offering […]

ADAPTING TO THE ‘NEW NORMAL’….. Well, the sun is starting to fade ever so slightly as we now enter into a new season, the final quarter of the year and another month of the ‘New normal’…. But what will this month bring for The Church and all its disciples??

J W Marriott once famously said “If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself –  – seems legit dunnit?! Of course, we take ultimate pride in the authenticity of our ‘truly’ Irish bar – The original vision itself, the driving force […]

The Church Summer

After three and a half tough, scary, uncertain and distinctly wobbly months for all Spain’s Ex-Pats (and the world in general) where even the weather has been unsure what to do with itself are we finally starting to see some signs of Summer returning to our shores?

As an expat I am often asked if I miss home. I know people ask me because they don’t quite get it, or me. Locals ask as they feel I’m still very “Irish” and fellow Expats ask, well because they’re curious, probing to see if I’m willing to admit what they have known for some […]

Church is back

WE ARE BACK……………….. The Irish have always had a strong affinity with the Eurovision Song Contest – Sooo it seems a tenuous but perhaps apt link to quote one of the contests most famous ever groups ….. ‘MAMA MIA – Here we go again……’

Empty Fidge

So I am tentatively stepping into day 10 of the ‘Lockdown’ – And the question I ask myself is: What am I going to do to pass the time creatively and usefully today?? There is naturally a lot of negativity, scaremongering and assumptions being made when I take my daily stroll through Social Media Street […]

The City Band The Church Albir

Well this definitely wasn’t the Paddys Day we had all been practising hard for and looking forward to over the last few weeks… … but fear not being truly Irish at heart The Church does not accept defeat lying down. ‘This is our time and this is our test and, like generations before us, we […]

There are many ‘National Holidays’, ‘Saints Days’, and other reasons for a good ol’ knees up, but it is no coincidence though that ‘Paddy’s Day’ is the BIGGEST drinking party of the year Its gives every one of us, Irish or not, an excuse to let our hair down (if you have any left) drink […]