Can’t stay then take it away…..

It is a well known fact that us ex-pats love a takeaway and as work cultures and the way of life changes and evolves it seems like takeaways are now more popular than ever.

To set its footprint in the rapidly expanding industry The Church Scullery is now offering the option of having our hugely popular dishes delivered right to your front door step – No need any more to slap the make up on or get dressed up for a fancy meal out – Why not stay in your comfies and lounge pants, keep working on your ‘ass grove’ on the sofa and have your daily bread dropped right on your lap?

Although takeaway food is traditionally imagined as being quite wholesome and hearty it doesn’t always mean it has to be unhealthy.

We have selected a variety of dishes from our menu that have proved to be tried and tested favourites – One of the major things we have considered with our takeaway food suggestions is to pick dishes and meals that ‘travel’ well – there is nothing worse than looking forward to your food arriving only to unwrap it and find soggy chips, cold chilli or a limp sausage!!!!

We have taken special care to ensure that the dishes arrive to you in tip top condition, from the method of carrying it to your door, to the trays and containers that they are served in. We are determined to make sure that your delivery arrives to exactly the same standard that you would expect if it was to be served to your table in The Church itself.

What about taking advantage of our ‘Daily Specials’? Get your work or office order listed up – Whatsap it over to the team and get back to the computer for a few hours knowing that you will be having a little bit of a lunch date on your dinner break with your colleagues at your desks.

So what is your favourite takeaway day? Friday night fish and chips after a few post work week pints? – No problem. Saturday night snuggles with a Munchie Box in front of Britain’s got talent? Check! A Hearty, piping hot roast dinner served right to your door after a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll – Easy peasy!

Whatever your grumbling belly, hectic lifestyle, or lazy bones demands from our menu we’ve got you covered. Hot. Fresh. And 100% quality on your plate and in your box!!

Whatsap us on 610 129 286 (Don’t forget to get a few drinks to wash the lovely grubbage down).

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