The Church Albir Christmas

Church Christmas by Tafty- (Don’t be offended its only a bit of fun) Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat .. and so are many of the rest of us after spending a lovely long hot summer slurping on sugary cocktails, tasty tapas and ice creams galore … But now is NOT the […]

Can’t stay then take it away….. It is a well known fact that us ex-pats love a takeaway and as work cultures and the way of life changes and evolves it seems like takeaways are now more popular than ever. To set its footprint in the rapidly expanding industry The Church Scullery is now offering […]

ADAPTING TO THE ‘NEW NORMAL’….. Well, the sun is starting to fade ever so slightly as we now enter into a new season, the final quarter of the year and another month of the ‘New normal’…. But what will this month bring for The Church and all its disciples??

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Franco is credited with the founding the well-known Spanish tradition of offering a ‘Menu Del Dia’. This ‘special menu’ was brought in across the country with workers in mind who couldn’t make it back home in time for lunch during their busy working day – The ‘Menu Del Dia’ can be seen scrawled on chalk […]

Wikipedia says that “Irish pubs are characterised by a unique culture centred around a casual and friendly atmosphere, HEARTY FOOD and drink, Irish sports, & traditional Irish music” and we concur wholeheartedly, especially the bit about ‘HEARTY FOOD’. When we launched our first exclusive menu to our Church goers we were very mindful of trying to understand the diversity of […]