The Church Albir Christmas

Church Christmas by Tafty- (Don’t be offended its only a bit of fun) Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat .. and so are many of the rest of us after spending a lovely long hot summer slurping on sugary cocktails, tasty tapas and ice creams galore … But now is NOT the […]

ADAPTING TO THE ‘NEW NORMAL’….. Well, the sun is starting to fade ever so slightly as we now enter into a new season, the final quarter of the year and another month of the ‘New normal’…. But what will this month bring for The Church and all its disciples??

Church is back

WE ARE BACK……………….. The Irish have always had a strong affinity with the Eurovision Song Contest – Sooo it seems a tenuous but perhaps apt link to quote one of the contests most famous ever groups ….. ‘MAMA MIA – Here we go again……’

The City Band The Church Albir

Well this definitely wasn’t the Paddys Day we had all been practising hard for and looking forward to over the last few weeks… … but fear not being truly Irish at heart The Church does not accept defeat lying down. ‘This is our time and this is our test and, like generations before us, we […]