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After three and a half tough, scary, uncertain and distinctly wobbly months for all Spain’s Ex-Pats (and the world in generalwhere even the weather has been unsure what to do with itself are we finally starting to see some signs of Summer returning to our shores?

The ‘State of Alarm’ has now officially subsided – And slowly like a budding flower moving into full bloom, Albir is beginning to blossom again.

Thankfully the majority of bars and restaurants within the village have managed to drag themselves through this difficult and unprecedented period and now it looks like we might be able to start the summer tourism season in earnest (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!)

It is a beautiful sight to behold as we watch a little bit of hustle and bustle… well the Spanish version of it at least, which is more like stroll and swagger, return to the boulevard and side streets of Albir.

The terrace of the Church is now alive with people of all nationalities tucking into the tasty daily dishes and washing them down with ice-cold refreshing drinks of varying colours, sizes and strengths – Once furrowed brows and concerned conversation is now being replaced by smiling faces discussing how they are going to make the best of the rest of the year and enjoy a long and late summer.

We are almost back to full capacity inside The Church now (75% as it stands on writing this) – BUT of course, all this change needs to be managed properly and we are still following all the regulations to a tee, with masks, disinfectant on entry and strict hygiene rules all being taken very seriously – The last thing anyone wants is to take a backwards step when we have all been so sensible with the imposed restrictions.

LIVE MUSIC is well and truly back on the agenda – The team behind the scenes have been furiously contacting local musicians and helping to get these fabulous acts back to work – Filling the diary well into August already.

All in all, perhaps we will look back on these trying times in the future with some kind of grudging admittance that out of tough times good things CAN still be born….

One thing it has shown us for certain is that as a community Albir is as STRONG as they come and the majority of business owners and locals alike show a huge and unwavering commitment to supporting each other and everyone that is trying to live and make ends meet in this beautiful part of the Costa Blanca.

Please ‘Alborians’ DO NOT CHANGE – Together we are strong!!!

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