J W Marriott once famously said “If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself –  – seems legit dunnit?!

Of course, we take ultimate pride in the authenticity of our ‘truly’ Irish bar – The original vision itself, the driving force behind the scenes, the numerous knick-knacks, mementoes and artwork that adorn the walls both inside and out are all testament to our desire to offer a little piece of ‘real’ Ireland in the sun ….. Having said that The Church is home to many different ages, cultures and nationalities.

Over the last couple of years, we have strived to put together an ‘International A-Team’ of guys and girls that we feel can live up to the standards that we demand for our much loved and valued clients and friends.

Fresh faced and full of personality and charm we are proud to say that we think we nailed it by assembling a team that cannot be matched in the area for the care and comfort they provide you with when you walk the aisles of our church.

As pub lovers and somewhat social butterfly’s ourselves we understand that you have a vast choice available to you in Albir … Variety is the spice of life after all and there are many different experiences to be enjoyed in the area which makes us appreciate all the more if you chose to spend your time with us.

It is so important that EVERYONE feels welcome at The Church – We will try to greet people in their native tongue whenever we can and with Irish, English, Spanish, Romanian, and Hungarian (and more) speakers amongst our team, we are happy to say we have most bases covered.

A little bit of banter with one of the footy loving lads over a pint and the ‘Big Match’ of the day?? We got you covered – All the team are big sports fans and will happily while an afternoon away debating over whose team is the best in the land….

Perhaps you are more of a ‘Muso’ and fancy requesting a few tunes to listen to while you sup a cocktail on the sunny terrace – The squad will happily oblige and no doubt chuck a few of their own favourites in along the way – Beware though because there is some questionable taste with some of us… you might even be treated to some of the teams home countries musical delights!!

Local knowledge, restaurant tips – excursion recommendations or just a chit chat about the weather, our guys take pleasure in the indulging in the art of conversation with our guests  – We are never too busy because to us it is more than our job … it is our pleasure.

All in all your happiness is our priority.

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