Live Music in the Church

From birth, The Church has been hugely influenced by the desire to showcase a range of live music.

Of course it goes without saying that any late Irish bar worth its salt will always have a buzzing atmosphere with the hum of local, and sometimes international musicians and singers strumming their guitars and enthusiastically pounding on their drum skins a characteristic that is ever present in any number of low lit Irish taverns across the world.

Through local connections and an ever growing reputation across the Costa Blanca we have proudly paraded some of the best talent on our stage. From U2 cover bands, to one amazing summer evening when our loyal disciples swayed hypnotically from side to side, watching on mesmerised as Benidorm legend Beto Bob Fassini and his 5 piece ensemble took us on an awesome journey through Pink Floyds musical catalogue.

In Albir, The Church is synonymous with live music. Our Church is a place that welcomes EVERYONE… Fun seekers of varying ages and a plethora of different nationalities all cross the threshold. Our promise is to make sure that every single person that walks through our door will be greeted with a warm smile, a cold drink, lots of traditional food and some great entertainment.

Our commitment to showcasing existing and new talent is probably best shown by our weekly Thursday night Jam Session. Hosted by Nicky Chapman, you can often see 20-30 different singers and musicians adorn the stage and belt out hits from the 60’s to current day expertly backed up and egged on by the ‘House band’.

This month alone (February 2020) our live music stage will be as diverse as our audience with an Argentinian rock band here in Albir, the famous Mr Motown, and Ibiza’s very own Roberto Campoli all gracing us with their presence.

Add to that local DJ Vicki Cattons Northern Soul afternoon session (OK now granted its not self written and performed live music exactly but its still LIVE entertainment isn’t it?) which is rapidly growing in popularity and Chris Chronos, who is unbelievably talented, who starts the weekend for us every Friday night with amazing vocals and a super cool stage persona – All in all The Church really does have something for everyone and we welcome you all to come along and take a big gulp of our musical cocktail!!!


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