Franco is credited with the founding the well-known Spanish tradition of offering a ‘Menu Del Dia’.

This ‘special menu’ was brought in across the country with workers in mind who couldn’t make it back home in time for lunch during their busy working day – The ‘Menu Del Dia’ can be seen scrawled on chalk boards up and down the length and breadth of Spain, often the writing looks a bit rushed – and that’s a good sign – it usually will have been written hastily by the chef after he or she has returned from the daily food market with the best bargains and fresh produce of the day.

Ok so of course we are an authentic Irish bar not a Spanish eatery but we do like to weave a chosen few Spanish traditions into the foundations of our Church…. And so….. We take great pride in offering our very own equivalent to the ‘Menu Del Dia’ simply known as ‘The Church Daily Special’ – The idea is to offer a nourishing, filling and value for money ‘plate’ accompanied with a nice cold beer, glass of wine or a refreshing soft drink.

Whether you are a builder sliding out for your midday munch or a tourist after a little bit of lazy lunch our chef whips up a different ‘special’ each and every day – Like the Spanish tradition we try to make the dishes on offer seasonal – so in the winter there is warming Irish stews and piping hot ‘loaded’ jacket spuds and in the warmer months there is lovely grilled dishes, tasty wraps and burritos.

There really is something for all tastes – This is as always supplemented by our full food menu which caters for Vegetarians, Vegans, and meat lovers alike, as well as a great ‘Wee ones’ menu with childhood favourites like sausage mash and beans, and chicken nuggets and chips or the ‘Whatever’ or the ‘I don’t know’ as they have been amusingly titled.

At JUST €5.95 (Including a drink) for the ‘Daily Special’ the price really doesn’t fit the level of quality, portion size and presentation that you receive – But Chefs and bar owners work in mysterious ways and this is our gift to you … So ENJOY!!

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