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WE ARE BACK………………..

The Irish have always had a strong affinity with the Eurovision Song Contest – Sooo it seems a tenuous but perhaps apt link to quote one of the contests most famous ever groups ….. ‘MAMA MIA – Here we go again……’

There was finally light at the end of what has been a quite dark and frightening tunnel for many over the past 3 months and now THE CHURCH is back!!!

We have not rested on our laurels or felt sorry for ourselves during the Lockdown period, rather we have taken the time to evaluate, reassess, refresh and plan for the rest of 2020 and make the best of where we are all at.

Patience was the key word for us when it came to reopening. It was so vital that we were certain we had taken all the necessary steps to comply with EVERY single safety regulation and hygiene rule for the wellbeing of our colleagues, friends and clients.

And so on Friday the 29th of May it gave us great satisfaction to finally reopen our doors and terrace to the good folk of Albir.

Restrictions on capacity were followed to a tee by our staff – Masked up with the sweet smell of hand sanitizer oozing from their pores, the team were as happy as the drinkers to be greeted by so many smiley faces, eager to enjoy a nice meal, cold pint and some good old Church Craik.

The terrace was fully booked prior to opening with hungry bellies to fill and thirsty mouth to hydrate. No physical menus allowed just now, so for ease and to keep with the times we have created a QR code – Scan it with your phone – and it will take you straight to our Food menu without the need to touch or handle anything – Simple and easy to use we will no doubt keep the code as an option moving forward!!

This week saw the return of our ever popular ‘Daily specials’ – A beautiful ‘plate of the day’ with a beer, wine or soft drink for less than €6 what better way to slowly move into Phase 2 than to enjoy one of these belters on our terrace?!

We have already had our first party – celebrating lovely, local of the area, and great friend of The Church Carol Lester’s Birthday – These girls know sure know how to have fun and were a brilliant reminder of what we have been missing and more so what we have to look forward to over the next few months….

Another major step is just round the corner – Friday the 5th of June sees the return of ‘Live Music’ on our stage.
We have The Greatest Showman Jamie Somers doing his thing in a way only he can with a massive mix up of songs old and new – It seems only right that one of the acts that was pencilled in just before we were forced to ‘take a break’ is the man to kick start things again for us.
We have only just begun so keep your eyes peeled your ears to the ground and join us as we raise the roof on The Church.

Thank you to everyone that has stayed loyal to and stuck by us and we promise to do the same for all you guys and repay you with fun and high jinks galore for the rest of 2020

If anyone has any concerns, prerequisites or questions about what you can expect in The Church or the steps we have taken to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for our clients please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries and oblige with any requirements where possible.

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